Cleaning carpets may seem simple, but people make mistakes when cleaning their carpets that make professionals like us at Clean Pros cringe.


Carpets present your home


Remember, before you even begin looking at your carpet to clean, consider its impact on your guests. Also, think of this as the first time in your home. Does it feel clean? Is your carpet welcoming? Do you see it as distracting? Obviously, since you are looking at it with magnified focus, it may be more distracting. However, try your best to be objective when you are looking at it. Then, you can begin cleaning it. Here are the top mistakes to avoid in that process.


Mistakes Made When Cleaning Carpets


Not Cleaning Often Enough


When a carpet is in a high foot trafficked area of your home, you ought to deep clean your carpets twice a year. This will not only keep your carpets looking appealing, but avoid internal damage. High traffic volume leads to more wear on the material, while also tracking in more muck. Be attentive to this. Especially if you are in a colder climate. Rain, mud, and other factors will contribute to the health of your carpet.


Most people only want to deep clean when they move since they don’t want to deal with wet carpets that take forever to dry. We use dry carpet cleaning techniques that won’t inconvenience you, so you can clean your carpets more often.


Only Spot Cleaning Carpets


Most homeowners only clean their carpets when they see a stain. Do not do this. If you only clean one or two spots of your carpet, the fibers will wear down unevenly and you cannot guarantee that the carpet will last as long. Regular, all-over cleaning will ensure your carpet stays newer longer. Also, you won’t have to pay in the long term.


Leaving damage unattended to, or all only fixing particular spots will leave your carpet needing repairs or to be replaced all together.

Only Vacuuming


Cleaning your carpets and using a vacuum are two different things. If you vacuum regularly, you will reduce dust and pick up random debris that falls on your carpet, but you will not be able to get everything. Imagine trying to suction dirt off your hands after gardening instead of washing it off with soap and water. You still need to clean your carpets even if you vacuum often.

Rushing Your Cleaning Process

If you are set up to clean an area, and only have fifteen minutes to do so, finish what you can. Don’t do a sloppy job cleaning the whole living room if you only have time for a small piece of it. Overall, make sure that you are giving your surfaces quality attention rather than quick attention. If you start to get sloppy with how you clean them, you won’t see as good of results. This will lead to more guests noticing dirty spots and poorly kept areas as well.


Using Outdated Equipment

Older equipment won’t run efficiently and put your surfaces at risk of being cleaned poorly.  Unfortunately, this forces the cleaning process to take longer, be less effective, and lead to more of your own frustration. Don’t risk this. Take the time to clean your equipment and make sure you stay on top of maintenance.


Additionally, you don’t want to be left without equipment on hand. If you have suspicions the unit might be done soon, you should look into a new one as soon as possible. Don’t wait until that family gathering you’re having in two hours needs a new vacuum.


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There are many carpet cleaning mistakes one can make when trying to do the job themselves. These can range from not cleaning their carpet often enough and letting dirt and dust build up over time, only cleaning the visible stains, or only vacuuming and not deep cleaning. These mistakes can lead to your carpet having a much more worn look and not staying newer longer. The best thing to do is to clean your carpets about twice a year to ensure all the filth (especially from the high-traffic areas of your home) is cleaned out, leaving you with a cleaner environment for yourself and your loved ones.

If you run into any issues during the carpet cleaning process that prevents you from getting the job done or getting it done the way you like it, do not hesitate to give us a call to come out and professionally finish the job. We have web specials including $25 per room after 3 rooms for $99, 5 rooms for $149, and emergency water extractions starting at $95. These are just some of the specials we offer. If your home needs cleaning on any other surfaces or even on the exterior of your home, we’d be glad to help.


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